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Septic System Installation, Maintenance and Replacement.

Septic installation services in California

Build your dream home with the septic installation services of Foothill Septic Service.

When building your new house, we often forget that there are certain things which need better attention. In the world of cement and doors, we tend to forget the septic need of our homes. We at Foothill Septic service take care of all your septic installation services. It is important that you take care of your septic tank before the leakage starts damaging your backyard. Our team of professionals are experienced and can fix the problems immediately. So don’t wait till you are drowned in wastewater and call us today.

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Now don’t wait anymore and call us today to inquire more about our services. In case of a new construction site, our contractors visit the site to provide free consultation and estimates based on the tour. we deal in different types of septic needs which covers concrete, plastic and fiberglass septic tank. We are available on call 24 * 7. Over the years we have proven our services. Don’t spend thousands of money on repairing your system and take our services to install a completely new septic needs.

Services Include :


Septic System Installs

We are the top septic installation and operated services in the field of installation.

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Septic System Repairs

Top Septic System Troubleshooting & Repairs service providers in California

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Septic System Inspections

Keeping your septic system in good working order requires inspection.

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We are also experts in septic tank troubleshooting: If your septic tank gets choked or not working properly. The drainage associated with it will get affected which may cause seepage and leakage leading to spoilage of your home decors and walls and in order to get it right, we are available at your service.

Licensed and registered, Foothill Septic Services has everything that it can be called a professional company to troubleshoot and repair your septic system as a whole. Our company is highly experienced with a team of experienced professionals who would fix all your septic system needs more efficiently.

Our septic system installation crew is led by a supervisor trained professionally to oversee the team,
understand the system being installed as required by state regulations and make certain that the
municipal inspector is informed of the progress of the installation.

What are Septic tanks ?

Most commonly used in rural or semi –urban area. This is a great alternative to sewer systems. There is the use of large tanks to filter out solid and liquid waste. All the drain wastewater from toilets, kitchens, showers, and sinks flow into these tanks where the wastewater is filtered. These septic tanks are usually located in the yard are in the neighborhood yard. Then solid wastes are filtered wherein heavy wastes due to the weight sinks into the bottom of the tank. This is the best way to avoid any sewage issues in the drainage pipes of your home. Now, what are the factors which you need to consider before installing the pump?

If you are looking out for professional help, we are one of the best septic companies in California.